So... who are we?

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.

                                                                                             Vincent Van Gogh

Theiyā Arts Dance Collective is formed by a group of passionate artists based in Scotland who are dedicated to South Asian Dance forms. 

We share a love of dance and encourage each other in a positive and collaborative environment tackling important and relevant themes along the way.

While we have known each other for a while and have collaborated in various projects over the years, it was only in 2021 when we decided it was time to make it formal and create a Collective. Our goal is to keep a space of creativity with no judgement, where we can openly talk about (and share) our struggles, and look for common solutions. We help each other on daily basis, work together towards common goals and support each other in our personal projects. 

The year ahead is full of projects that we all hold dear to our hearts as they focus on issues we all feel very passionate about. Most importantly, these projects are the result of our joint efforts trying to make our new Collective more active in the local dance scene. Just like Vincent Van Gogh words, we believe individually our efforts may be small, but together we are capable of great things!

Meet the artists:

These are some of the productions that we have been working on since the start of our Collective and the projects that we have coming up for the next few months. We have had the valuable collaboration of other artists or academics for some of our projects and we are constantly inspired by other people all around the world. We also enjoy projects were we can interact with the audience allowing them to play an active roll. If you are interested in any of our projects we would love to get your thoughts and feedback so get in touch

'Maiden | Mother | Whore'

"Maiden | Mother | Whore" is an interdisciplinary mixed media performance that delves into the intricate connections between women, social structures, health and social policies, and institutions. This project has emerged through a creative partnership between Theiya Arts Dance Collective and academics from the Centre for Biomedicine, Self and Society. This project is supported by National Lottery Funds (Creative Scotland) and Dance Base, Edinburgh through their Artists Residency programme. 

In this project, audience engagement is a tool used developmentally and interactively, In the upcoming sharing that will take place on July 20th, 2023, the interaction and engagement with the audience will play a crucial role in shaping the future stages of this collaborative endeavour.

Upcoming sharing:

Thursday, 20th July at the Southside Community Centre, Edinburgh

'The Ticking Clock'

A webcast series discussing dance/movement films created by the Collective in collaboration with The Centre for Biomedicine, Self and Society at The University of Edinburgh.

The series explored issues around Gender Identity and who is seen or not seen with the second webcast of the series being part of the programe of the 'Being Human Festival' in 2021.

'Still I Rise'

Daughters of the earth marks the first collaboration between Theiyā Arts and Agnyã movement which will form the basis for the creation of the Dance Collective.

We hold the multiplicity of our artistic practice and our diverse dance styles close to us in this piece and explore how we can holistically come together in a collaboration while still holding onto the essence of our individual practice and values. We explore themes of joy, flow and sisterhood that act as the threads holding our collaboration together.

A South Asian contemporary-classical dance production that centres on the urgency of climate change.

This performance is inspired by the 'Climate Clock' installation located in Time Square, New York which illustrates the time remaining before climate change becomes irreversible.

Using the countdown as the main component of piece for the performance and drawing from the elements traditionally used in South Asian classical dance forms to depict nature.

This project will enter a new stage of development in 2023 with the support of The Work Room

View our EdFringe 2022 Programme & Resource Guide.

'The Story I See'

A collaboration with Anahata Jazz band and the Glasgow Mela 2021.

Inspired by the writings of Rupi Kaur and Maya Angelou, we explored our

gender, individual, and collective identities as women in contemporary society.

'Daughters of the earth'