We are excited to introduce ‘Co|Labs’, a new initiative where we offer artists with an existing practice rooted in South Asian Arts the professional development opportunity to come together for a new creative collaboration and the delivery of community engagement. We hope to make this an ongoing program aimed particularly at supporting artists of South Asian Art backgrounds who are working to establish their name in the industry. 

The artists selected in this first round of collaborations will be offered funded, supportive spaces and guidance to collaborate with other artists to create new artistic work. In addition, all artists involved would have the opportunity to engage the local community showcasing and sharing their artform and craft through both performance and workshop activities.   

We introduce this initiative with the intention to create new opportunities for local artists and develop spaces for positive and rich collaborations. We hope to nurture sustainable creative practices  by  supporting  the  creation  of  artistic  work that can transcend Co|Labs and can be 

used or further developed in other spaces or future opportunities after the programme concludes. We wish to promote South Asian Arts and reach new spaces in Edinburgh expanding our own horizons and helping to develop a wider network for artists to collaborate with each other whilst engaging the local community. 

Through the first round of Co|Labs, we hope to support the development of a South Asian Arts program of work-in-progress sharings and a programme of workshops to be delivered in partnership with local community hubs in three different areas of Edinburgh.  

What we are looking for in the application 

The following is a summery of the information that should be incluided in your application, please make sure to read the Application Pack document below for full details.

Artistic Practice – What is your work experience in the arts sector? What are you passionate about in in your artistic work? 

Creative Collaboration Idea – What do you want to explore/create/choreograph with your proposed collaborator for this project? 

Your collaborator -Who do you want to collaborate with? How is their work relevant to your collaboration idea?  

We expect you to submit the name and details of the artist you are proposing to collaborate with for the development of your creative idea. However, if you are not sure or struggling to find a collaborating artist, please contact us before submitting the application, we may be able to help with ideas and/or contacts. 

Community Engagement – What are your ideas for the workshops/sessions that you would like to bring to the community? Would the ideas be based in your own personal practice, or would they come from your creative collaboration with your chosen artist? How would these ideas be of interest for the community? 

What we are offering you and your collaborator

The following is a summery of the pack that each artist of the succesfull applications will receive, please make sure to readh the Application Pack document below for full details.

- A financial package of £650 for you and £650 for the artist you are proposing to collaborate with.

- Administrative and project management support to organise the community engagement activities.

- Regular support meetings to help artists plan the outreach sessions as well as the creative process.

Networking opportunities with spaces and members of the industry.

Basic technical package during the sharing events.

- A contribution towards travel expenses where the artist is based outside of Edinburgh.

Application Pack

Application Pack Download Link

Application Form Link

Information & Support

You can contact us via email at colabs@theiya.org and we willl try to support you in any way we can.