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Our Story

In Greek mythology, the goddess Theia, the eldest daughter of Gaia (Earth) and Uranus (Sky) is regarded as the mother of the Sun and the Moon. She is referred to as the “wide-shining one”. Inspired by the idea of the contrasts and opposites that are ever-present in our daily life, and acknowledging that only when these two halves come together can our existence be whole, the name Theiya started to ring true. We sought a name that would stand for unity in diversity and that celebrated difference – the one thing we all have in common. The sun and the moon in our logo are the visual elements that help us represent this. 

But most importantly, ‘Theiya’ is a nod to one of the first sets of steps we learn as Indian classical dancers – and represents the art tradition that brought Karen and Gaby together in the first place.

It became clear that this should be the name of our organisation, a combination of the most basic part of our dance practice, and word that would also remind us of the fundamental truth of our respect for diversity and the unique imprint of every individual.

The green Tara mantra at the top of our logo represents the goddess of compassion and promotes healing, regeneration, and growth. We knew from the start that we wanted our organisation to also focus on these concepts and that this would be one of our guiding principles throughout our work.

Theiya Arts comes from the deep in our hearts. We are passionate about Indian classical dance forms, both as teachers and performers. We teach Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, Yoga & Meditation in Edinburgh and around Scotland.

Our paths in dance and the passion for using our skills to support the health and wellbeing of others brought us together. We each also come with our own addition strengths and skillsets.

We created Theiyā because we believe in the incredibly positive impact that these practices have had in our own lives and we wanted to create a space where of diversity and inclusion where anybody interested in trying any of these practice could find a space of personal growth, free from judgement or expectations and full of possibilities to connect with others in the same path.

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Much of the work we are able to do in the community is thanks to other organisations who trust us to deliver succesful programmes in the community. If you are interested in what we do and whish to partner with us, there is always space for growth and new challenges!

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors inspire us to keep growing and continue the work in our best capacity. They volunteer their time throught the year to help us find new opportunities, identify space for improvement and supervise the smooth run of all activities that we carry out at Theiyā Arts making sure they are in-line with our Ethos. 

Currently formed of 5 members, we are always interested in new points of view and diversity so if you are interested in joining our Board of Directors you can always GET IN TOUCH with us!

Current Members:

Martin Reijns

- Chair -

Nithyashree Vijayakumar

- Treasurer -

Neeta Mathur

Lucas Ziccardi

Jayanthi Santhanam